So there’s this guy and we meet up outside of college and he’s so interesting I just can’t get enough of what he says and how he thinks etc it’s amazing. His views are so peculiar and it’s so nice having someone who is really interested in what you have to say.
His passion for some things is marvellous, and infectious.
He’s the first guy to speak to me in years that doesn’t want to talk to me about sex, my experiences, my fantasies, my kinks, and ask a million questions and get off to it.
When we talk face to face he looks so intently at you sometimes and in my head it verges on possessive and whatnot. It drives me mad.
Every time I see his hands I just cant help but think how good they would look around my neck.
He also has a very nice voice. And I’m a sucker for voices.
This just isnt fair because we’re just supposed to be friends. This can’t go anywhere.

Describe my blog in terms of “came for the _____, stayed for the _____”

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What do you mean, 'not in the right place for a Daddy?' I think if there are still things for you to work on regarding yourself, it still doesn't mean you have to do them alone. Big big hugs.

I’ve just got a lot of figuring out to do, I think. I don’t know what I want (in terms of a Daddy/Mentor/Dom etc) and don’t want to drag anyone down with me incase I choose one (thinking it’s what I want) and then realising it isnt.
I’m also really busy at college which is forcing me to be an adult since I apply for University at Christmas and am preparing my portfolio for my interviews etc and it’s really fast paced. I love it, but as I said I’m needing to be an ‘adult’ about this to keep on track and make big decisions etc.
Regressing to a Little keeps me ‘sane’ as it gives me relief from being an ‘adult’ all the time and it’d be nice to have a Daddy or Mentor but I don’t feel I have enough time to put into it properly. The same with being a Sub, it gives me relief from all the work and decision making I have to do etc. And it’s my favourite thing about being a Sub/Little etc. (This is all about online Daddies/Mentors as that’s all I’d be able to do/want)

You have a very nice pussy.

Thaaaaaanks C xo

Where abouts in the UK are you ? X


Scotlaaand ^_^

Yes freakin waaaay